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The Quality of the Microfiber in Our Bandanimals™️

Whether you want to use our Bandanimals™️ as a fashion statement, to clean the sweat off your face during a long walk, block the sun, or prevent dust coming in your mouth while working, Bandanimals™️ are a must-have accessory. Bandanimals™️ are handy and affordable. Great for blocking the sun, wind, or cold, Funky Chimp Bandanimals™️ are light as can be, manufactured of sweat-wicking microfiber, and they fold down small enough to fit in a pocket.

 * Product Quality & Comfort Guaranteed *


  • SUN PROTECTION & DUSTPROOF: Bandanimals™️ wick away moisture faster to keep you dry, rock the head/ neck/ wrist to protect skin from the sun or dust in hot weather. As an extra layer of warmness for your ears, nose, mouth, head, hand, and neck on a cold day. 
  • Premium Quality: Bandanimals™️ are formed of long-lasting 100% soft Polyester Microfiber, they are amazingly light, breathable and stretchy, they are one size fit all for men and women.

Multifunctionality: Bandanimals™️ can be worn as a head wrap, neck gaiters, scarfs sweatband, balaclava, face covering, beanie, neckerchief, bandlet, armband, hairband, wristband, neckerchief, beanie, or hood. Our UV protection Bandanimals™️ are handy in many styles.